4kmk - European Union
Quiz de géographie ciao bye cimer big burger.
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6 問題
1. What is the capital of Poland ?
a Paris
b Bali
c Bucarest
d Warsaw
2. What is the language of Cyprus ?
a Turkish and english
b French and chinese
c Greek and Turkish
d Japanese and spanish
3. Where is the European parliament ?
a Strasbourg
b Paris
c Rome
d Bucarest
4. What is the capital of Lithuania ?
a Copenhague
b Vilnius
c Mouloud Achour
d Bagdad
5. How many countries are there in the EU ?
a 28
b Quarante Douze
c 24
d 27
6. How many languages are spoken in the EU ?
a 36
b 25
c 24
d 18